Sunday, February 1, 2009

Three Knuckleheads

Back in mid December I spent the day with my sister in law Karen and my 2 nephews and niece(Justin, Eric and Kaley). We spent part of the day at the mall. It was a crazy day but we had a good time. Before we decided to go to the mall Justing kept hinting that it would be a great way to "get ideas of things he could ask Santa to bring him". I guess he really wanted to go!! :)One of our stops in the mall was to the Build-A-Bear workshop where the kids drooled over the different animals available. They "begged" to take one home so we kept telling them that maybe that would be something they could add to their list for Santa. Karen did end up getting them each a mini stuffed animal to tide them over though. Well...lo and behold...look who got to build their own "bear"??? They sure look excited don't they? What a bunch of knuckleheads!