Sunday, September 27, 2009

Abraham Lincoln's Home

In July we met my parents in Springfield, Illinois. This is 1/2 way between each of us - so we only each have to drive about 31/2 hours. We decided to make it a trip to visit Abraham Lincoln's home. Above is a picture of a bike that looks like only Abe would have been tall enough to ride.
I took a picture of copy of the letter that Mr Lincoln wrote to the citizens of Springfield before he left for Washington DC to become the President of the United States. In this letter, he gives all credit to God for all things that he succeeded in. He also talks about how he will be sad to leave them but is comforted because he knows that God will continue to be with them and with him when he goes to Washington. This letter really made an impression on me - it was even further proof to me that this country was founded by men who believed in GOD.

Everywhere we went in the neighborhood where Lincoln lived the tour guides were dressed in costumes from that era. Tori loved the costumes. The taller man is dressed in clothing that is a replica of Lincolns suit. The women below dressed how his wife Martha would have dressed. They even had on petticoats and hoops!! Tori wishes she could dress like this now. I think she would be tired of it REALLY quick!!

Below is a picture of Lincoln's home. My dad has a picture of his father sitting on the back porch of this house. The picture was taken when my dad was young. My dad thought it would be neat to have his picture taken sitting in the same spot so we took his picture there, too.

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