Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mum Season

Autumn is here!! And that means MUM Season!! I love getting new Mums in the fall and this year I found the best mums I've ever bought. In Jefferson City, the Kmart parking lot is home to the Farmers Market. An amish family was selling these mums at 3 for $20!! And these mums are HUGE! At our local greenhouse I would have had to pay $20 for ONE mum of this size. You'll also see our wood rack on the front porch - all ready and waiting for the wood to be stacked on it to be burned in our wood burning stove this winter!

Here are two of the mums - I put them on our deck in the back yard. They were almost too big for the pots that I have. The leaves are starting to fall, too. More proof that Autumn is here!

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