Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Crazy Dogs

For those of you who don't know my family well, you don't know that animals have always been a big part of our household. When I was growing up, at one point we had a dog, a cat, a parakeet, a rabbit, goldfish and hermit crab.
Now my husband, daughter and I have

This is our mini schnauzer Molly. She is very sweet and loves affection....but we call her our A.D.D. dog......she's got so much energy we can't get her to sit still. EVER. Unless the TV is on. Her favorite thing to do is watch TV as you can see here. Seriously!! She will sit for a looonnngg time and watch TV. We crack up at her!!

Here's a shot of our three stooges all together. Waiting for a treat. They think if they sit very still on this red rug, they will get a treat. They are usually right! :) Chewie is our oldest schnauzer. Tori got him for Christmas in '02. He's a good little guy and puts up with a lot from the other two pesky girls.

This is our beautiful Bala. She is another dog we "adopted". We happened to be  visiting a German Shepard breeder who my husband was helping out by doing obedience training for some of their dogs when someone showed up to get rid of her. They were moving and couldn't take her so she somehow ended up going home with us.
She is young and energetic.... and still learning to behave! 

Isn't she pretty? She has beautiful eyes!

This is Macy. She is the newest addition to our family. She showed up in our yard one day and wouldn't leave! We tried to run her off, but kids at the park near us were being mean to her, can guess the rest.  She is part weiner dog and part...??? Maybe schnauzer? We don't know. On this particular day we couldn't find her. We looked around for about a 1/2 hour, calling her name, searching under beds, etc.  Well, we finally found her....curled up asleep in the basket of warm sheets that had been taken out of the dryer!! Can you see she's still 1/2 asleep?  Since then, it seems to be her favorite place to sleep. She actually waits for clothes to come out of the dryer!! She's such a character. Her back is only about 7 inches off the ground but she can jump as high as my waist. As you can see her head is too big for her body so sometimes we call her Bobble Head :)

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